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Carving out a Sewing and Craft Area

I used to have a sewing and craft room. I don't right now. I have two adult children living in my house, my toddler grandson, and my fiancee. There are the 4 dogs and 2 cats. My house is very chaotic most days.

I did have a crafting/sewing room. Let me explain. I live in a 16x80 mobile home that has 3 bedrooms and a small addition. My grandson has a room of his own. The addition is actually supposed to be the music room holding my antique upright piano. When my stepson came home from the Navy a year and a half ago he moved in there. The front bedroom was my sewing room after my son had moved out last year. Unfortunately his apartment building was sold and most of the tenants lost their apartments. He moved back in a couple of months ago. He is now in my craft room. Needless to say I have had to carve a small area out of the master bedroom to work on my crafts. It also means that I now have to use my kitchen table as my cutting table (it tends to be the catch all area also). I am relegated to a corner area of my bedroom.

Going from an entire room to work in to a corner has really affected my productivity as well as affecting my work. Before I could spread out, leave projects out, and not worry about things getting messed with by just shutting the door to the room. Now I have to make certain I am picking up all of my projects before I can go to bed and put somewhere that the toddler and dogs can't reach them. The toddler has discovered scissors and by watching grandma has figured out fabric can be cut. Two of the dogs are only a year old and still like to chew. So needless to say my work habits have been changed as well as the scope of projects I am working on. Knitting and crochet projects are still all over the house. My weaving has taken a hit though as well as the ability to spin yarn with my spinning wheel. I simply don't have the space to pull out my rug looms or to set up my spinning wheel. I keep reminding myself this is temporary. It isn't helping most days.

I know that both the adult boys are working to get places of their own. One is looking at moving out of state with some friends. This is supposed to happen in July. The other is looking for a place in the area. That's great and it means that for certain in three months I should have my craft room back. The problem is that I have increased stress and irritation for 3 months. I could sit in this state and rail at the universe for these issues OR I can look at things and try to figure out what lesson I am supposed to be learning. I have decided that I want to try to figure out what lesson I am supposed to be learning. This doesn't mean that I am not getting frustrated, overwhelmed, or upset. It does mean that I turn to YouTube and will listen to a couple of my favorite Vlog makers Cathy Hay (seamstress and business owner) and Patrick Jasper Lee (a Rrom Chovihano). Links to their YouTube channels are below. Cathy is great about reminding me that things are never as bad as they seem at the time. Patrick is a great reminder that we can sit in our emotions or understand the universe sends things our way to help us grow and learn.

Cathy Hay -

Patrick Jasper Lee -

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