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Dogmen are they real?

There are numerous videos on YouTube, Rumble, Odysee, and BitChute as well as those found on Facebook, TikTok, and other social media sites that claim to be dogmen. But what are dogmen? Where did the concept even come from?

Currently dogmen are the opposite of werewolves in modern thinking. They are usually very tall, covered in hair, have human type hands, sometimes humanistic feet, walk on two legs often, German Shepard ears, and either a dog’s face or a humanistic face. The concept of dogmen is actually very ancient and is found in very different areas.

The first written account of what could be considered dogmen are from ancient Greece. The Cynocephali (cyno – dog, cephali – head) were a race of people who were believed to have the heads of dogs and the bodies of humans. Writers put them in India, the mountains of western Europe and/or in Africa. It really depended on which writer you were reading. Most commonly they lived in mountainous regions. Some took human women as wives others had their own females. Speech wasn’t a strong point for the cynocephali as the shaping of the mouth precluded the ability to form words in the same way we can. Aggression was common and they ate meat. There are stories of them being hired as mercenaries as they were so ferocious it was believed you couldn’t loose a battle with them on your side (kind of similar to the berserkr of the old Norse).

In the “New World” better known as the western hemisphere or the Americas the concept of dogmen is not new. The Inuit of Alaska have a legend of the Adlet, five (or more depending on the teller) blood drinking monsters with the heads of dogs and the bodies of men born to a human mother and dog father (, ). The dogmen of the Cheyenne are quite a bit different from what we think of as dogmen. The legend is well told here . There was also a movie Last of the Dogmen . These “dogmen” were actually people who were considered fierce warriors. These dogmen would most likely be considered similar to the úlfheðnar (wolf shirts). Other than the above legends I was unable to find more information outside of Europe that is historical. Most stories of dogmen are modern, as in the past 30 years or so. At the oldest the stories of dogmen came to the Americas with the European settlers.

Some Native American legend resources:

I already hear the screaming “BUT THE SKINWALKERS?!?!?!” Shut up and listen. Skinwalkers are NOT dogmen. Two different things. In fact, anyone who wants to scream about skinwalkers needs to go to the Di’Ne and ask an actual tribal member to tell them about the stories. You will basically be told the same thing I just said. Shut up. We don’t talk about these things. So take your Hollywood/Reddit/YouTube fake garbage and shove it. Nuff ranting back to dogmen.

As previously stated dogmen or at least men with the heads of dogs were talked about in ancient Greece. The belief in these dog headed men continued into the middle ages with some Catholic saints even being portrait with the head of a dog. Saint Christopher is one such saint (,,, ).

Here is the rub, cynocephali are not dogmen in the modern context. Although werewolves, people who turn into wolves and back, are an ancient concept possibly going back to Sumerian times again that’s not a dogman. Dogmen are essentially what we think dogs/wolves who evolve to humanoid status would look like. The first documented siting of a dogman as we think of today was in Michigan in 1887 ( ). There are a number of people who try to argue that the cynocephali and dogmen are the same however comparing the descriptions of the two they are distinctly different and therefore not the same entity.

If dogmen do exist where did they come from? There are a number of explanations for their existence. There is the belief they have always been here. There are those who believe it is a government experiment that escaped. Aliens always come up and then there is the alternate reality/dimension theory. I put the last together as they are not that different. Oh and there is also the time travel theory. So which would I ascribe to? We know more about outer space than the ocean. There are places on the planet that modern man has never set foot on. Personally I am of the mind that if they do exist, which I would be ecstatic to have happen, they have always been here. The number of “lost” humanoid species that are being found every day put me in mind that they were here and we just ignored them. Sasquatch/big foot is in the same category for me. With the internet, cell phones, and the prevalence of cameras everywhere I think that scientist are finding it harder and harder to hide findings that don’t fit into their neat little boxes. Scientist can’t just find bones and not have someone leak it to everyone on social media and the likes. It is also harder for museums to “loose” items that are sent to them.

So what are dogmen and do they really exist? Honestly that is a difficult question. I did run across a story from someone who stated a First Nation person gave her “protection” and basically stated that the dogmen are protectors of the land. This is not a unique concept as there are stories of werewolves being the same concept, a protector of nature and the natural world. It is interesting that stories of dogmen always happen in forested regions even though wolves live in all areas including the desert and the arctic. The most well known are from Michigan and Wisconsin. This would indicate that it may be a carry over from the myths and legends of the settlers in that area. There are hundreds of videos, which I have watched a number of, but they always come off as being fake and not even remotely believable. There are the stories of people but the issue is that psychology has proven that eye witness reporting is faulty. Emotion actually influences memory and so what a person actually saw and what they think they saw can be two completely different things. There are actually videos that have proven this in courts. It isn’t that witnesses are deliberately lying, it is actually a function of the mind tied to our survival instinct. There is also the phenomenon of pareidolia. Our ancient ancestors developed a skill of seeing things created by patterns (think of tigers hiding in the grass). We are really good at seeing faces when there is nothing there. I have a picture of a stick growing from a tree that looks like Kokopelli. Clouds look like dragons and the wall paper at grandmas always looks like it is watching you. There is also the fact that there are a number of animals that actually do walk on two feet. We are not unique in this trait. The best known would be birds. Even dogs, cats, bears, and deer walk on two feet. This is not as common but it does happen. Scientists are not always correct on predicting how long any of these creatures are capable of walking this way either. There are many videos of animals walking on two legs for far longer than scientists claim they are able.

Even though it sounds like I am trashing on the idea of dogmen I am actually trashing on the people who are desperate for attention. I want to believe that dogmen are real. I want to believe they are attempting to protect Mother Earth from people who mean her harm. Just understand that if you are going to push a video or story on me it will be met with skepticism and critique. I don’t just accept any video or story at face value. I have been on the internet for 25 years and was a computer tech for 10 years. I know what computers are capable of. If you are going to attempt to push some crappy grainy video at me and say it is proof I am going to call you a liar. Cell phones are 1080 resolution. Dogs can now see the screen so don’t tell me some garbage that you just couldn’t get a good video. On the flip side if you have a good quality video that really shows something bring it. I would love to see it.

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