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Modern adaptation of a Historical Pattern

I have had a love of Victorian and Steampunk fashion for years. Recently I decided to start drafting my own patterns based off the original patterns found in the book Authentic Victorian Dressmaking Techniques Dover Fashion and Costumes. One of the reasons I love the Victorian styles is that I have a thing for long skirts. I am not a mini skirt person and prefer my skirt length to be below my knee. I also love that Victorian skirts and fashions are tailored to the person which creates more appealing visual lines on the body. These lines influence how heavy or thin a person appears.

If you read my blog about math you are already aware that I have a pattern drafted. Despite problems with the pattern I decided to use it again. I love the lines of the skirt as well as the fit but, due to Victorian skirts having been designed to have a bustle and therefore a "train" when the bustle is not worn I knew this needed to be changed. So I set out to select my fabric and adjust the back side and back panels of the skirt to reflect the change in the hem line.

I selected an old plaid blanket as my fabric. This fabric is heavier than I used for my original skirt as well as having more stretch. I did not account for these things. The other thing to be aware of when selecting fabric is whether or not the fabric has been pre-washed. If it hasn't then you do run the risk of having your project shrink the first time you wash it.

So back to the project. I selected a used blanket which had been washed a few times so I wasn't worried about shrinking. I adjusted the length of the back side and the back panels to the same length as the front. This creates a straight line hem instead of the hi-low hem line of the Victorian era. Also, this was done because I have no desire to wear a bustle to hold up the back of my skirt. I don't have the specially designed chairs of the Victorian era for a bustle and so sitting would be rather difficult if it was too full in the back.

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