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RV to Vardo? Pt 2

So after cleaning out all of the junk and garbage we got down to the fun part, demolition. We stripped all of the damaged metal siding off the frame and replaced it with actual house wood siding, tore off the back wall and flattened it so we could move the door, and used an old house door from my families' farm.

I was huge inside once we took everything out. There was actually very little we could salvage from the original build so we repaired damaged walls (there was rot and water damage) and laid a new subfloor. From there we started adding our touches and designing the interior. New insulation was added and the walls were covered. Since this is an off grid design we don't have electricity and therefore don't have to worry about wiring. The only modern convenience we have is a propane shower which runs has a pump that runs off a battery.

So much of the interior building materials came from either the barn clean out we did for my parents and a few items came from Restore. Our local Restore may not know us by name but they know us on sight. We did use wall paper on the ceiling, something I will never do again. We also used wood look linoleum pieces from a project in our house. Sanded and stained pallet wood for the kitchen and bath area. Over all the construction project took about 9 months. This is partially because we worked as we could get materials and because our job site was actually 45 mile from our home.

This was our first color choice outside. It was not a good choice. We have since changed it. Check out part 3 to see the finished project!

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