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So for those who have paid attention my tag line is “putting a little crafty into life.” One would assume since I generally write about sewing, creating, and physical crafts is what I mean. This is both correct and incorrect. You see I believe that imagination doesn’t just stop at what one can create but one can conceptualize and imagine. Being crafty includes new ideas. Being crafty can be seen in the Pagan/other than mainstream religion realm as well. Even realms of science and technology can be crafty. Writers are said to craft a story.

On this type of note I will be expanding my writings here to include a bit more than just traditional crafting as the creation of a physical object. I have a number of interests including ghost hunting/videos, cryptids (dogmen and hell hounds are an obsession right now), quantum physics, as well as medicine and health. I also enjoy true crime especially unsolved crimes.

If I am feeling especially froggy I might even share some of the fictional stories I have written. :)

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