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So people who know me are aware that I love to go hiking. If the sun is shining I would rather be on a trail than at home. Actually outside of a blizzard and pouring rain I would rather be surrounded by the trees and forest than in my house. This is not always possible as I have many responsibilities including taking care of my husband, daycare for my grandson, and the regular day to day running of a house. I feel better when I can get out on a trail both emotionally and physically.

I live in a state that did not lock down as so many others have. This means that I have been able to get out and enjoy not only the nature that I live in but also my garden areas. As an herbalist it is important that I am able to go outside as there are herbs in my area that will not grow indoors. Perhaps I should be more specific and state that I don't have space or sufficient light for them to grow in my home. This means that for part of my first aid kits I am outside harvesting herbs. I also harvest wild cat nip for my cats as it is stronger than cultivated and they absolutely love it.

Numerous studies have proven that going outside improves health. ( ) This has been know basically forever. Even the Victorians promoted exercise and time outdoors (fun facts, picnics were held in cemeteries as Victorians didn't have the extreme fear of death we do now). I have met people who have been able to turn their health around by simply starting a garden. There are numerous stories about people being able to stop medications for anxiety and depression by simply starting to walk in parks and nature. There is the physical benefit of strengthening your heart and muscles, improved breathing (yogi have long talked of the importance of correct breathing), and production of Vitamin D due to sun exposure (you get sun exposure even on cloudy days).

If you need more reasons to get out and explore nature and you have a dog be aware that taking your dog for a walk will not only create but strengthen your bond with your dog. And then there are a couple of authors who help to keep me inspired to keep hiking. Both are Romani from two different regions of Europe. Patrick Jasper Lee is a Chovihano from Wales. He has a YouTube Channel (, books, and a webpage ( if you are more interested in learning about Welsh Romani. Another is Milana Perepyolkina who grew up in the USSR. She has also written books and has a webpage ( ).

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